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The online store of Hook George company on, through this Privacy Policy, clearly informs its users about the collection and processing of personal data, by and about them, received through the online store and its affiliated sites and/or applications. The Privacy Policy is intended to help users understand why certain personal data is collected and how it is used. It applies to all users, including those who use the services of the online store without being registered or being a subscriber and those who are registered or are subscribers to any of its services. The use of the online store implies the full consent of the users and their unconditional agreement with this Privacy Policy.

Hook George fully respects the personal data of the users of its online store and has their security as its highest priority. It handles all personal data with special care and always in accordance with the relevant Regulations of the European Union and the applicable National Law and Legislation. It ensures, since it is responsible for the protection and processing of personal data details, to take all appropriate organizational and technical measures for their shielding and to fully comply with the principles governing their secure administration.

The online store collects and processes personal data in the context of providing its services. Personal data means information that can be linked to a specific person (for example, name, address, telephone number, email address, IP address). The data is collected from the information provided voluntarily by users through the forms of registration, account creation and management, product ordering and communication of the online store. In addition to the personal data provided by users to the online store, some additional data may be collected through the use of cookies, in order to continuously improve its services to them. The following detailed information about the data of its users, makes it clear that the online store operates with full transparency and respect for their individual rights and the protection of their privacy. Therefore, in case any user wishes to contact the online store for any clarification, request or question they may have, they can send a message to at any time.

Personal Data

The online store of Hook George on collects only the absolutely necessary personal data in the context of compliance with the law and the proper provision of its services and functions. It collects and processes the data based on the provisions of the existing legislation and the conditions that it sets, only for certain, explicit and legal purposes. It takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that data is processed in a manner that guarantees its appropriate security and protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing, as well as its loss, destruction or damage, while periodically reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of these measures. It does not store the data it collects for a period longer than that designated for the purposes of which they were collected and processed (however, it may store it for a longer period of time if the processing of this data is necessary for its compliance with any legal obligation, for archiving purposes, for accounting or statistical purposes and for the establishment, exercise or support of legal claims) and always manages them with special care, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the applicable Greek legislation on the protection of personal information.

The online store collects the personal data provided voluntarily by users during the process of creating or managing their personal accounts, during the process of ordering products and through its contact forms, which may include their name, address and telephone number, the invoicing information required for the issuance of documents, their email address and the content of their messages to the online store. It also collects some information about users’ visits and activities when they use its services. For example, to allow users to connect to the online store services, its servers may receive and record information about their device and browser, including, if necessary, their IP address and other software, hardware and/or their geographic location. In addition, the online store may collect cookies and/or pixels and/or beacons, in order to obtain information about the use, by users, of its services such as -for example- the pages they have visited, the search queries that have submitted and the content they have seen on

The data collected by the online store from and in relation to its users, are used:
• To provide users with its services and functions,
• To analyze and improve its services and functions,
• To process orders and shipments of products, to manage accounts, receipts and payment reminders, and to receive payments for its products,
• To provide answers to users’ questions and requests,
• To send users commercial -non promotional- updates, as well as notifications they have agreed to receive,
• To send newsletters to users via email, if they have chosen to receive them, as well as updates on promotions that may be of interest to them (if they have consented to it, always giving them the opportunity to inform the online store that they do not wish to receive such updates anymore),
• To provide statistical information about users to third parties (without the recipients of this data being able to identify any user through them),
• To keep and its affiliated sites and/or applications safe and avoid fraud or malware against the online store and its users,
• To protect the legal rights of the online store. Additionally, for the purposes of compliance with applicable laws and the ability to respond to any requests from government authorities.

No one other than Hook George has access to the personal data collected on its online store, nor are they forwarded to any third party for any further use, except when necessary and permitted under applicable law, to fulfill the aforementioned purposes. The data is processed by specially authorized personnel of the online store that is under the control of Hook George and is selected on the basis of professional qualifications, technical knowledge, reliability and personal integrity for the observance of privacy, as well as third party service providers cooperating with the online store, which process specific data on behalf of Hook George according to its instructions and commands. Hook George does not carry out any act of sale or marketing of the data it collects from the users of its online store and takes all appropriate measures for its security.

The online store does not collect sensitive personal data and asks its users not to submit sensitive personal data (such as social security numbers, information about racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, health, sexuality or sexual orientation, biometric data and their criminal record or their participation in trade unions) in any way in its services or through its services. Furthermore, it does not collect, record, inspect, process or store any financial data of users (for example, credit card numbers). Online payments are made through PayPal. PayPal is one of the most trusted and secure online payment processors in the world. PayPal processes the financial data that users submit to pay online for their orders and payments are made without the online store collecting, recording, inspecting, processing, storing or accessing any of this data.

The users of the online store reserve the right to access their data, the right to correct their data in case of inaccuracy, the right to delete their data (provided that there is no legal obligation or direct legal interest of the online store to keep them), the right to restrict the processing of their data, the right to object to the processing of their data, the right to transmit their data and the right to resort to the Personal Data Protection Authority in the event of an unfortunate incident of violation of their data. Any user can contact the online store at to exercise any of their rights. The online store will respond within one (1) month from the date the request was received. If additional time is required for a request, this time frame can be extended by two (2) more months.

The online store does not keep the data it collects for a period longer than that designated for the purposes of which they were collected and processed. Generally, the period of time it keeps them does not exceed ten (10) years. However, it is possible to maintain them for a longer period of time if this is necessary to comply with any legal obligation or right. The data collected may be transferred to other countries either inside or outside the EU. In any case, the online store shall always make sure that there are the appropriate guarantees that it complies with current legislation on the protection of personal data.


Cookies are files that contain a small amount of data that is downloaded to the user´s device when visiting a website. They do not store information for the identification of the user; however, information related to the user that is stored by a website can be linked to the data that is stored and can be obtained from cookies. Cookies can be either permanent or relate to a single session. Permanent cookies are stored by the user’s browser and remain active either until their expiration or until the user deletes them. Those that relate to a single session expire as soon as the browser closes. The online store of Hook George uses cookies in order to optimize its content, analyse its traffic and offer the best online experience to its users by storing their preferences.
The cookies are used for the following purposes:
• Essential & Functional Cookies: The essential and functional cookies are needed to operate the online store. They are used to ensure its optimal functionality and to enhance its users’ online experience according to their preferences. They do not collect information about users that could be used for marketing purposes.
• Performance Cookies: These cookies are used to analyse the user experience in the online store with the ultimate goal of optimizing it. By using statistics provided by Google Analytics (Privacy Policy), the online store can collect and analyse information about which of its pages are visited most often, how users use the online store, or if they get error messages on its pages. These cookies monitor only the performance of the online store and they do not collect identifiable information on users, which means all the data collected is anonymous.
• Third-Party & Behaviorally Targeted Advertising Cookies: Some sections of the online store may use cookies that are not directly related to the online store but concern affiliates, advertisers, sponsors or third-party sites/applications that use their own cookies, provided that these sections contain their data (e.g. YouTube videos). The online store does not control or access these cookies and invites users to check the Privacy Policy of each third party for more information about their cookies.

If, for any reason, users do not wish to receive cookies, they can modify their browser settings accordingly to either notify them of the use of cookies or not to allow them. However, users should take into account that any settings that do not allow the use of cookies may affect the ability of the online store to provide services, navigation options or certain functions. Failure to modify such settings constitutes acceptance of the cookies by the online store. For more information on preventing the use of cookies or deleting cookies, users can use the following links:

• (Google Chrome)
• (Mozilla Firefox)
• (Safari)
• (Internet Explorer)
• (Microsoft Edge)
They can also click here to block Google Analytics cookies and visit to find out more about cookies.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

The use of the online store and its services implies the full consent of the users and their unconditional acceptance of its Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies to all users, including those who use the services of the online store without being registered or being a subscriber and those who are registered or are subscribers to any of its services. If they do not agree, users should not use the services and content of the online store. The Privacy Policy may -for any reason and without prior notice- be modified or changed unilaterally by the online store, therefore users must check regularly for any modifications or changes. For any information regarding the Privacy Policy, users can contact the online store by email ( at any time.

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